intranetIn the past 10 years, Cognit has been involved in projects to improve collaboration in mid-sized enterprises and big companies. The knowledge we have acquired in these years has now been bundled into an off the shelf intranet solution. It can be implemented in your organization within an hour.

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Are your employees losing time by looking up information that has been sent through email? Are there multiple versions of one document circulating around? Is the submission of service requests done with several forms, phone or email, causing your internal services (HR, Helpdesk, …) to spend more time on it?

  • Office 365 or Server solutiong
  • Central portal for knowledge sharing and service requests to internal services
  • Built-in, adjustable workflow for approval of requests

SharePoint intranet transforms your SharePoint environment into a ‘self-service’ portal for employees. The application has been designed to make your employees more self-sufficient and to automate and shorten business processes. This gives your employees the ability to focus on the task at hand, increasing the productivity within your organization.

On top of that, it decreases the amount of phone calls and emails for internal processes (like HR, IT, administration and others) by automating service requests. Questions are answered faster and there is a clearer overview of things.

SharePoint intranet provides access to commonly used applications like time tracking, cost statements, leave requests and reservations of conference rooms and materials. Employees can submit these forms in a central portal and view their statuses at any point in time. Each form is part of an approval process by the management and reporting for each department. Both employees and managers receive status updates through email.

Furthermore, employees can find information that is relevant for them. It is a portal for sharing news, knowledge, documents, social networking activities, announcement by the management, a forum and a blog. New employees can use SharePoint intranet to find organization policies, procedures, an overview of frequently asked questions and contact information of all employees. Thanks to an optional integration with Skype for Business, it can also show the location and availability of colleagues.

The SharePoint intranet portal saves time for employees, who can find all their information in 1 central spot and no longer have to inquire about the status of their requests, and for supporting services, who receive requests in a standardized way and can easily follow the status.


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