Small enterprises - big challenges

Every SME employee is familiar with the challenge of the day; a layer of responsibilities, a huge list of tasks to do, and insufficient hours to coordinate everything.

This is exactly why an intranet in a small enterprise is so valuable. An intranet enables you to:

  • Organize and follow up on agreements & tasks
  • Know if you are working on the latest version of a document
  • Save time searching for documents, as the content gets indexed for faster search
  • Immediately see who, when and which document was changed, and what exactly has changed
  • Share information with coworkers, clients and suppliers without having to send files back and forth through email
  • Keep track of calendars regarding team meetings, holidays and other aspects and share them with all your organization

Communication issues, insufficient data protection or an inefficient platform are harmful, no matter the size of your company. SharePoint offers a solution to improve collaboration with a focus on security, flexibility and budget friendliness. The platform integrates many solutions, taking away the need for employees to work with multiple standalone applications. This drastically lowers chances of compatibility problems and security leaks.

Not surprisingly, many small enterprises have made the transition from traditional solutions to SharePoint in recent years.


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