Many mid-sized enterprises in Belgium started out as small enterprises. When they grow, they usually pay a lot of attention to the "core business" and the streamlining of processes. More often than not, less attention is given to internal processes. After all, the organization is growing anyway and wants to keep doing so.
However, as the organization grows, so does its ballast. Time loss within organizations is often caused by:

  • Unnecessarily emailing documents back and forth
  • Taking too long to search for important information
  • Sorting out duplicates and different versions of the same file
  • Decentralized storage of documents
  • Using several different applications

Saving 5 minutes per person per day thanks to SharePoint will, for an organization with 50 employees, add up to saving more than 1000 hours per year!
Mid-sized enterprises do not yet have the complex organizational structure of a big company. A small investment makes for very fast results. Do you want to discover the possibilities of SharePoint for your organization? Contact our experts today!


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