In the healthcare sector, time is of vital importance. Cognit helps care institutions gain time, both when practicing care and in the background. With SharePoint solutions that make information flows and processes efficient and simple. This makes digital work in the healthcare sector significantly easier.

As a care institution, what you want is quality healthcare with a focus on the patient. People work hard to achieve this, both when practicing care and in the background. For example, you want to gain and keep accreditations and certifications, train personnel and save time. Cognit helps achieve this. With SharePoint solutions that simplify administrative processes, bring order and insights into information flows and provide online courses for personnel. This makes your organization faster and more efficient, saving you time for healthcare.


With SharePoint, you can view different files in one spot and combine useful information. Thanks to the powerful search function, you will find the right information fast, like the most recent procedures or up to date medical information. In addition to this, SharePoint improves collaboration. You can collaborate on documents and tasks and get notified about them. For example, when you need permission for something. This is how Cognit helps simplify and accelerate your processes.


Quality healthcare means a continuous monitoring of the quality of care and, if needed, implement improvements. Acquiring accreditation from JCI or NIAZ is a good start. To gain and keep the accreditation, your information provision must be in order. Cognit helps set up SharePoint to meet these requirements. All documents are arranged in one spot, with a clear and efficient workflow. This allows you to easily monitor progress and notify your colleagues about open tasks.


With SharePoint, e-learning is also within reach. Cognit helps offer courses and the documentation of learning. This way, employees can easily study online, when and where they want. They can do it at home, in public transport or inside the hospital. SharePoint’s user-friendly interface helps promote digital working in the healthcare sector. Thanks to e-learning courses, employees improve their knowledge and get used to working digitally.


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